Looking out on life

Life moves fast.

Living today means often a world of cellular phones, mobile computers and other high-tech gadgets.   Not much connecting.

We make money and then try to make more money. Does it end?  Does this matter?

What Should You Do?

I have read many books on life that pretend that money doesn’t matter.   Bull.

So, I went to my longtime mentor.   He laughed and then took me to a window,
“What do you see?” he asked me.

“I can see people walking to and fro and a blind dude pan handling. ”

My mentor smiled and then took me to the bathroom mirror.   “Now look and tell me what you see?”

“Uh, that’s a good looking guy.   That’s me, ” I answered.

My mentor laughed.    “Now you can’t see anyone else. The mirror and the window are both made of glass, but with the mirror you see a reflection.”

My mentor folded his arms.   “Compare yourself to the window and the mirror. With one you see with compassion and the other you only focus on yourself.”

I shrugged.

“It takes courage to clear our eyes and see more than ourselves.   You will get this.  Just clear the crud.”

I have thought of what he said and come to the conclusion that he had a point. Money counts and we should not aim to lead a money free existence.   Silly to try.   But, I am going to do so by removing the crud.

Good advice.   Don’t just live focusing on the reflection.


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