Geeks… How do you find the Best?


Where do you search for gear?

Sometimes the Internet can give us review overload.   As we know, anything we want to find, we just need to turn to the Internet.   Just Google it.

However, when we actually you want to find honest information, you will likely get lost on the Internet.

I found some sources that rocked and gave honest and useful information.


Want to make sure you are making smart purchases, you better do your research.   I Go for the most current information that you can find for gaming equipment.    Personally, I am making plans to dive into virtual reality.    A great source that I am using is here..  I think this will be an example of one of the more useful reviews for Virtual Reality Headsets .

For many gamers, you may be searching to build your own set up.   You are likely setting a budget and then trying to push the limits more.    You, of course, don’t want to get scammed.   So where do you go.   Personally, I like to find information like this:  Useful lists for Gaming Computers .


I may not be a full time student but many weeks, I still feel like one.    I still watch my budget and my spending like I am a student.    For my electronics, I will only buy the basics and expect the most.   For reviews, I don’t want to be upsold.   I want to know what works and only that.

For electronics, a student is likely in the market for a desktop, a laptop, and a tablet.    Each device will be work for specific tasks.    I recommend checking out this kid’s review for tablets.   Similarly, I recommend the following for desk tops or laptops.


Yikes.   This is a tough category.    I don’t buy online for most of my gear.    I want to touch this stuff directly.   However, I will admit I will use Ebay to find vintage deals.   As a geek and a musician, I will find some great junk that I can restore.

Just Plain Geeks

Finding great stuff is much more than just computers or tablets.    Geek stuff is much more.    The internet is packed with lots, some of the stuff is good and some is just crap.   If gift shopping for a geek, be alert.    Here are some of the best options.   For toys and games,  I recommend Think Geek.    I also am a fan of This is Why I am Broke and Dude, I want that.    And, of course, anything that you can build with Lego is just plain awesome.


This is my first post of this type.   I hope you enjoy.   I hope to create and improve and share more.


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